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Attention Store Owners.

Did you know that Gondola Shelving is the most popular store fixture you see when you walk in to most any store in the US today.

Did you know there lots of accessories available for Gondolas?  Almost any type of display can be configured with the use of Gondola Shelving.  One of the most popular accessories is Dividers for Gondolas.  Dividers and Front Fences can be used as a binning system, can be used to organize most any type of merchandise and goods.

Either a single sided section, a double sided section, or an end cap, the main components used to assemble a gondola shelving unit are all compatible with one another.  The only differences are between the heights and the widths.

What is unique about Gondola Shelving is the way the base shoe connects to the upright.  This connection provides all the strength of the fixture to support heavy loads.

Warehouse Pallet Racking

Everything you need to fill up your warehouse with storage racking as high as 120 inches high and higher

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