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Are you living downtown and have a creving to quench your thirst?  The question is where to buy beverages either a soft drink or an alcholic beverage.  Try a Liquor Store.

A Liquor Store provides consumers all types of beverages.

This is a description of our favorite beverages. We here at EZ Blogging Today love all types of beverages.  Of course we love mostly all soda pop flavors. Specially root beer when it is mixed with vanilla ice scream.

Some times we like to sip on a little beer.  When we would like a little beer we have to go to the nearest Liquor Store.  When we walk into the store we are bombarded with a large selection of all types of what is known as Alcoholic beverages.  Behind the main counter we see what we call Liquor Store Shelving that is completely loaded with all types of liquor bottles.


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